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WHOOO? ME?     well let me tell ya...

My name is Domenic Rosemary Doherty and I'm a Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Motion Artists who LOVES publication, editorial, advertising Design. The main reason I became an artist in general is because, I have this amazing ability to bring the Imagination and fantasies within the minds of myself and others, into the real world. I crave to make peoples wildest dreams, real and tangible for them. So since I have the ability to create things that simply do not exist, I want to have the opportunity to provide that same ability for others. Everyone should be able to bring their imagination to life and I want to help them achieve that. In my opinion it would be selfish of me to keep these skill to myself and I want nothing more than the opportunity to help provide my service to people who can’t do what I do.

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